Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Enhancement Pill

First things first: Congratulations to all of our runners who ran Andy Payne. It was a warm muggy always is for this run. RunnersWorld had a good contingent representing at this run. Can't wait to hear all the reports!!! (Picture swiped from Susan Sulphur's Face Book.)

Thursday night brought out a good crowd.A new runner joined us Thursday night: CAT! She is one fun girl.... ya have to get to know her!

Kristen (I know there are 328 different ways to spell Christin, so please straighten me out) joined us, having never ran, and wants to start out walking and then who knows. Glad to have you!

And Janna's friend, and I do not remember her name (MY BAD!) Someone help me out! EDIT: Janna informed me her friend is Angela. Thanks!

The bunny slipers went from Mom to daughters.

Amanda and Jessica will entertain the bunnies this week, as Debra merely sent them to the other side of the house for the week. Lucky wabbits!

Some of the Thursday night gang, led by Super Runner Girl Rachael.

From time to time, an interesting story arises from those in our group. This story came to light as Jason has in the past few months outgrown all of his shoes, and has had to buy new ones a whole size larger. Why, I asked, has his feet grown so much in such a short amount of time, and no sooner than I asked, the answer was revealed. It was the new male enhancement pill ExtenZe, clinically proven to make men's feet larger and to increase performance. Jason, during an interview, offered, "When I heard that over 50 million ExtenZe pills were used last year alone with guaranteed results in the size of men's feet and in their race performance, I thought, 'Now I don't really care if ExTenZe makes my feet larger, but that increase in my race performance, well that could be interesting.'" _____________________________________________________________________________________

Lisa added,
"When Jason told me what he was taking and what it did, I thought ... this could be FUN.

Maybe we could run 5Ks more often, ya know, regain some of that old spark?

ExtenZe is so sure that it will increase shoe size and race performance, that it offers a full 90 day guarantee. If you do not grow at least one whole shoe size, just return the unused portion for a full refund.Jason's shoe size before ExtenZe.
Jason's shoe size after ExtenZe.

Jason has since completed back to back marathons and is doing his 1st 100 miler this fall.
Jason added, "....And that increase in shoe size....well that was kind of fun, too."


Rachael Alise said...

Oh my are so funny!! Love it...

Sandra said...

ha ha

coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...
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coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

With the help of ExtenZe, we hope to be performing well at some FUN 50ks soon!

Bobby said...

I have been taking that stuff for all the wrong reasons. But my socks sure are fitting tighter. Hope it has nothing to do with Susan's heart condition.

Janna said...

Thanks for posting. My friend's name is Angela.