Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hope Rains

Saturday, a few of our fearless group stared rainy weather right in the eye, and bravely headed out the door to run in a 5K trail run which was guaranteed to be muddy.
In was the Hope Rains 5K, an appropriate name for a trail run on a gray cloudy day with a 100% chance of precipitation. Still could not keep the smiles off of Cindy or Chris....or for Teresa below, for that matter.
Some runners wore rain gear, some did not.
Lisa figured there was no way today would be worse than last week.

Coach Kathy makes T Z hold still for a picture.

Deon sports his bike racing gear, while Jason wears a 50K race shirt to a 5K. Isn't that bad etiquette?

Carmen and Sam all ready to go....rain or no rain.

Roman is: A. Showing that he is NOT cramming food into his mouth. B. Describing an unfortunate childhood accident. C. In a sneezing frenzy as evidenced by all the phlegm on his jacket.

Almost ready....
And they're off!!! Not much chance of finishing with dry feet today.
Carmen still tries to sidestep the mud puddles....
While Sam plows right through them!

Lisa charging the uphills.

The finish line at last.
Bobby finishes just a minute or so behind T Z and Lisa.

And OMG!! Look what awaits all the finishers!!! Grilled chicken and seared tuna, with seasoned green beans! Not pictured, white and chocolate cake. Very yummy!!!

This man was the hit of the after party....he made the most awesome balloon animals, hats, balloon lips, helicopters, and more. quite the talent. I hope to see him at more races in the future.
K2 had asked for a balloon hairpiece, and it ended up looking more like rabbit ears. Coach Kathy was fitted for a personal sized helicopter.

She was also awarded 1st in her age group!!!! 29:00 on this hilly muddy course was a very good time.
But Kathy was not the only one who took home bling. Cindy won her age group, and Teresa was just a few steps behind her. RunnersWorld girls ROCK!

Jason did the RunnersWorld men proud by winning his age group. 22 minutes and change....from a guy who ran back to back marathons just last week.
And finally, Tatur Dave won 3rd in his age group, finishing behind 2 speedsters, Darryl Stillson who is no stranger to the winners circle, and Trani Matthews. Good job, guys. Way to represent us old guys!

Finally, I encourage you to click on the above Hope Rains link. It is a website worth checking out, and a very worthy charity.


Bobby said...

If you have never ran in the mud before I highly recommend it. What a blast we had. Can't wait for the TATUR mud run in August.

coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

This race was awesome and one I hope it rains again for! What a blast! Great report TZ! Looking forward to Mud Run also.

Susan Michaels said...

Great job everyone!
Wish I was out there romping in the mud with you all, not! I am a girly girl who doesn't like getting dirty but I have fun watching you all getting down and dirty LOL.