Sunday, May 31, 2009

Training, Racing, and Cross-Training

There is always something "coming up." A little over a month ago, the OKC Marathon was on the front burner, so to speak. Now that it is past, new goals come into focus. Most of our group has stamped a bull's eye on a fall marathon, of half. Hmmm....another milestone race "coming up."

Closer on the calender is what is coming up this next weekend. It's the kick-off of our fall training session. Coach Kathy has a few minor changes up her sleeves this time around. First, there will be several sub-groups of 10ish runners each, all with a run leader or two. These run leaders are there to encourage, to inform, and will also keep an eye out for those who need some help, advice, or a pat on the back. What I am excited about is the creative names for these teams. I have heard a few, but I'll keep quiet until this Saturday. Should be hilarious, although some may be straightforward and all business.

Also on tap for this time around are pace groups. For those wanting to nail a goal time in their marathon, this should be great. There is also talk of having some Monday evening hill sessions. See Tatur Dave for more details on this. I plan on having a few hills for dinner myself.

For those new to the group, please jump in with all fours and make lots of friends. You will meet people who you may know for the rest of your life....and believe me, that is a good thing. If you see some little old white haired man with a camera, let him take your picture and make sure he remembers your name. He doesn't bite (but he drools a lot!)

Saturday night, a few of our group ran in the Kidney Klassic 5K. Nobody set the world on fire at this race, although Simone took 3rd in her age group. The team of Bobby and Sandra beat the team of TZ and Terrie. Terrie set a PR in the "almost-about-to-hurl-division." A toss of the cookies might have resulted in a 2 minute faster time, but who knows?

In our training schedules, a mention is made of "cross-training." What the heck is that you might ask? Well, cross training is some sort of exercise OTHER than running. It could be walking, it could be lifting weights, it could be step-aerobics, playing tennis, golf, disc golf, 12 ounce curls (No not that!) and it could be biking. Riding a bike is one of the most common ways to cross train. This gets your heart rate up, works different muscles in your legs, and you can get a great workout even when you are tired from a hard run the day before.Roman and Dana gear up before the Tulsa Tough Townie ride this past Sunday. They got in an easy 8 miles, and worked up a good sweat to go with it.

Sandra blazes by, and she's going uphill too!

Rock Star Ed takes a breather.

Heck, there were over 1,000 riders out for the Sunday ride!

This is from the Friday night Tulsa Tough race, while we were getting ready for the Kidney 5K. Amazing riders.

More amazing riders....this time, from the Wednesday Night Ride group. This is Cassy's 1st time in clips, and Stacy gives her a helping hand....I think....

There are lots of other good ways to cross-train. In the coming weeks, I plan to highlight some of the other methods. Should be fun.

Have a great week, and I'll see you out there.

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