Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TATUR Estim8ur this Sunday!! Don't miss it!!

I would love for ALL of you to join us this Sunday morning for a very unique race: The TATUR Estim8ur. This race has a lot of characteristics that you may never experienced. First off, it is at Chandler Park in west Tulsa. I betcha most have never ran at Chandler Park, and will be amazed at the awesome views of downtown Tulsa and the Arkansas River valley.

Secondly, the fastest runner in the race
is no more likely to win than the not-so-fastest runner. In this contest, you run your choice of distances: either 8 or 4 miles. The course will be very well danger of getting off course. The course is accurately measured using a Garmin GPS device. The catch is, you have to estimate your finishing time before starting, and the winner is the one who finishes closest to his or her predicted time.
Click here to see who's registered and their predicted times.

Now so the sneaky overachievers do not do their "homework" and do some extracurricular preparation, the actual course will be kept secret until the morning of the run (7:00 am this Sunday). Of course, no one will be allowed to wear their watch or Garmin. Also, cameras and Ipods will not be allowed as they often have a clock feature. (In other words, no cheating!)

If you are one of those who would FALL DOWN if you don't glance at your wrist every 4th stride,
we will allow you to take a sharpie and draw a watch on your wrist so your universe will not implode.

So you may ask: How will I know how fast I will go if I don't know what the running surface is? Good question! Below are pictures of all the different running surfaces you MAY be running on at the Estim8ur.There may be a little mud (very little) some pavement (mostly asphalt) some grass, some leaves, some dirt trails, some dirt trails with rocks (very little of this, but the section is FUN!). Much of the race is on paved park roads. And yes, there are a few short difficult sections. Gotta make it interesting!

So set your alarms this Sunday, eat your Wheaties, drink your coffee (or energy drink), lace up those running shoes and join us. With a 7:00 am start, you can get your race in and make it to church afterward if you like. Bring a lawn chair or two, bring your Frisbee (there is a disc gold course at Chandler Park.) Take part in Tulsa's only estimated time race, get a great tech shirt, and maybe take home first prize!!

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