Saturday, June 13, 2009

First, some Thursday stuff, then on to the weekend

Our weeknight runs keep getting bigger and bigger. Thursday night, we had what, maybe 120 runners out for a 3-8 mile run to the river. Superstar Billy Woodruff was front and center, fresh off a weekend age group award. Billie races every weekend and seldom misses out on age group bling. His secret?Titanium enhanced legs!

Another impressive runner is Cheryl. Cheryl has ran with us for a couple of years, and just keeps on chiseling off a few seconds here and there on her pace. She has gone from "pokier-than-TZ" speed to "faster-than-TZ" speed. My take....hill work is paying off.


The exchange of rabbit house shoes, which is a usual practice on Thursday nights, went from Becky to her running buddy Terry. The bunnies had a nice leisurely week lounging around with Becky, but I hear rumblings that they may visit a tattoo parlor this coming week.

Sheila joined us for the first time Thursday. I did not get to visit with her, so I am not sure if she is training for the Tulsa Run, or the Arkansas traveller, or something in between. We will get acquainted though!

In trying to get acquainted with new people, I introduced myself to this trio. On the left is John, and then Gary. Then on the right girl running with Gary....his daughter I am thinking he said. A better name will follow in a later post.
Saturday's run....

Somebody (TZ) slept late, but rebounded by running the course backwards and taking 882 pictures.
A sight along the way

Had the pleasure of chatting with Brad and Lilli, who are training for their 1st half marathon.

A bunch of geezers and a runner babe finish things up.

Finally, after not getting a picture last week of the 26dot2 Marathuners sign, I got it this week. Bobby will never win 1st place in a marathon, and will no doubt finish no better than second in a spelling bee.

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