Monday, June 29, 2009

Back from my nap.

The mystery blogger has been sadly absent lately. During the prolonged dry spell, we have had....well....a hot dry spell. Is it really a good idea to train for a half marathon or a full when it is like over 100 degrees every day? Well, in a word....YES! It is a great idea. See, sitting around in the A/C eating that second dish of Ben and Jerry's is counter-productive to reaching that goal race on your schedule. Toughing it out in the heat will make sense especially this fall when it cools down and you are rocketing down the road like a kid with new that Running Shoes!

OK OK, enough about the hot weather. If you wanted to hear about that, you would be reading Dan Threlkeld's blog.

Good advice: right after "wear good shoes" line comes the bit about drinking. Thursday night, a long line can be found at the local drinking fountains on the river.

A lot can be learned from this picture. Tom is beating the heat by wearing a festive bandana. The bandana can be wet down and as it evaporates, it has a cooling effect. Also, you can wrap some ice up and tie it around your neck to really chill out. Jason has the look of one who has had a little too much heat. But not to worry...he always looks like that. Lisa totes an insulated bottle with a 24 ounce capacity. Good call, as long as she remembers to drink. T Z thinks Lisa is a little too hot and attempts to cool her down by dousing her with what remains of his backwashed water supply.

More good advice for running in the hot summer sun: wear eye protection. Rock Star Ed is no stranger to cool shades. In fact, he has been known to buy the cheapest dollar store shades available and magically transforms them to new heights of coolness.

Sloan Taylor, our guest registered dietitian, gives advice on proper nutrition and hydration during the warmer training periods. Sloan always brings a lot of yummy props, and never lets us EAT them. Hmmmph!

Despite the heat, our numbers have hovered in the 200s for our Saturday runs.
A few pictures from the Bixby Corn 5K, courtesy of Christal Pellerin.Nice job guys. Way to bring home the corn!


Bobby said...

Wish I had some of that Bixby corn to throw on my grill. Congrats to all the new runners and walkers. Be careful, it's addictive.

Christal Pellerin said...

Thanks to mom and dad for winning....I had some of their corn the other night. YUM!!!!!! Congrats mom and dad and all the Newbies and Olbies!