Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Justa plano 2sday

An even hundred runners came to Helmerich Park Tuesday evening to run. was was humid....but there was a good breeze so we had built in air conditioning!! YEAH!
(Oh shut up was awful!) Well, it made for great training. See, if you can go easy and get your miles in when it's a little warm, you'll be tougher for it, and this fall, running will be like playtime. Just remember to drink. And go a little slower. Unless you're doing speedwork, then you're on your own. (and hey, the red shirt. I don't bite, just might nibble a little.)

Susan is coming back. It was good to see her getting a little exercise. I am betting she could auction the services of her bike to weary runners on their return trip. Might roust up enough $$$ to finance an eating club meeting...ya think?

ATTENTION!!! NEWBIE SIGHTING!!!Lynna and Eli were out for the first time to run with us. Lynna is an old acquaintance of Cassy's, and Eli is her son. Lynna's son, not Cassy's son. (Did I get that right?)

Best ride in the house.... Piper hitches a ride on Mom's back. Erin definitely was in for some serious cross-training this evening. Turns out, Coach Kathy rescued Erin with a jogging stroller. Twas cool to have you all out!

One more new face:Kelly joined us, and Stelly introduced me to her. Now if I can get a few more rhyming words, I might be able to make a "rap". With Mike, let's see....jelly? Belly? Oh, Kelly, don't let goof balls like Mike and me scare you away....although watch out for Mike's drooling problem.

Finally, a coupla pics on the run:Rock Star Ed flashes some gangsta signs, while Heidi signals for a touchdown.

Roman, Sandra, and Bobby slow for a rare walk break.

See you all Thursday!!!

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Anonymous said...

those are OSU cowboy guns...touchdowns are great tho!