Monday, June 8, 2009

First, let's go back to Thursday....

Tom Robinson shows up at RunnersWorld sporting a honkin big medal. Seems he found his way to San Diego and ran the Rock and Roll Marathon. Took a few tics off his PR as well. Nice job, brother!!
Another nice surprise was the return of Candice! Candice is starting the road back to distance running, training for a half in the fall, leading a group of half marathoner wannabes, and promises to have little Nate out in a jogging stroller real soon. (TZ says DIBS on pushing it!)

And so it was, like most Thursdays, a nice easy run to the river was in order.Nice day to catch a few rays. (Remember your sunscreen!)

But Saturday was the big day.It was the kick-off of our fall training session. Two years ago, our training group had 30-40 runners who stayed the course. Last year, we soared way over the hundred mark. This session has over 300 runners committed to training for either a half or full marathon, or the Tulsa Run. I swear, I think this running thing is catching on!

Slowly, little by little, I will shoot pics of everyone if I can, but this post will focus more on the groups. We have recruited many more group leaders to help the runners in their training. Each group got to make up their own names and signs. There were some amazing names and even more amazing signs.I will also run for food!

Like the name, although I wondered if it meant the group was fast, or is it ludicrous to call the given pace: "speed"? I would fit in if it were the latter.

It's an Italian thing. Tredici is Italian for thirteen, and of course, this is a half marathon group.

Interesting choice for a running team name. Good movie too.

My camera was shooting a lot of blurry shots, but Michael Stelly is a team leader, and his team name is Team Caliente. What is the heck does that mean? I went to Google, and the first two entries on Google were most interesting!!! Scrolling down, the 4th or 5th Google entry was Wikipedia, which defined Caliente as Spanish for "hot", and since Michael likes it when we call him "Firepants"', I suppose the name fits.

Simone gets the award for biggest sign, and an honorable mention for having the most scrigglies.

Short and to the point. The four hour pace group, 4 (hours) or BUST. F O B

Love love love this sign! Tatur Dave is all about speed. TD has organized some speed sessions and hill work on Monday nights. He really is an Ethiopian. Whitest one I have ever met.

Another very creative team name. This is an acronym using the first letter of each team members last name. Google does not yet recognize this name. let's check back after our marathon and see if that changes.

Long time friends Deon and Kim will head up Friends United For Fun.

Steve Martin would like this team.

Mike is wanting to download some Pacman music on his Ipod.

Lots of halfers this time around.

And lots of first timers as well. This does not refer to the Madonna song as much as it does to runners experiencing their first time running a marathon. But if you like the song, then just go with that.

Rock Star Ed will have the most fleetest group out there. That is if he can keep his focus when the sculler girls are on the river.

A few pics of our saturday morning run.Brian and Tatur Dave lead the fast group, but Fast Freddie is the one pushing the pace.

The colorful team of "Toenails Optional".

Patty right on pace for four hours.

More runners speeding up the west bank.

Boomer shows proper panting technique.

Diana (left) and Teresa (right) are all smiles after the run.

More new people introduced, and a write up on the Tatur Estim8ur tomorrow.


Sandra said...

Welcome to everyone new! I am so glad to be back on a training schedule!! Thanks TZ for keeping us all up-to-date on everyone else...

Bobby said...

What? No mention of 26dot2 Marathuners? And we had the best sign out there. Welcome aboard everyone in our group, led by Sandra and Bobby.

T Z said...

Oooohh!! My BAD!! Paparazzi did not get a pic of the thuner sign. Spank me. Sorry bubby and sandra.

T Z said...