Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Tuesday report

The days are getting longer, and you'd think that would mean we would not have to wear 6 to 8 layers of clothing for a 4 mile evening run at the river. Warmer days ahead though, or so the weatherman says.Bright colors were out in full force. Well, not that black and gray are the brightest of colors. Michael's getup reminds me of Vulcan attire. Seems like the few episodes of Star Trek where on the planet Vulcan, viewers were forced to view some of the ancient religious rituals, the higher-ups wore head gear much like what Michael is using to warm his ears. To the right, Rebecka wears a hat that I NEED. Love it!

More eye-popping colors, Chrissy and Lisa wear them well. Let's hope Chrissy washed the deer scent off of her husbands deer hunting hat! And to match her outfit, Chrissy sports nice new Brooks Cascadias and a fluorescent green.

We had two new people join us....and even after repeating their names several times, I still cannot remember them. Please, somebody, help a zombie out. EDIT: Justin, and Casey! Someone get T Z some brain pills!

It was a quick run, relatively speaking. People did not linger much at the picnic table. Oddly, there was not a contingent of peeps invading one of Tulsa's eating establishments tonight. Everyone seemed to want to make a quick exit and find someplace warm.Phillip and I were among the last to leave. Phillip always looks like he has that post run buzz.

On a very serious note, remember Susan's mom in your prayers. She was rushed to the hospital last night. Seems she was having a great deal of difficulty breathing, and Susan stayed with her instead of coming out with us tonight. I have not heard a report today, but please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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TATUR Dave said...

I would say I'm sorry I missed the Tuesday night run, but I'm not. I am in Little Rock, and I had a truly delightful run with Lauren on Tuesday. We did a little over 7 HILLY miles at a strong pace. To put the hills in perspective, there was at least twice as much ascending and descending as the route behind the store to Utica Square and back. I loved it!