Friday, February 20, 2009

Mid week review

A couple of quick blurbs about our mid-week runs. Tuesday and Thursday nights are great for socializing, tempo runs, speedwork, fartlekking (yes, that is something runners do!) and as is shown below, getting the dog some exercise.

How to dress on an evening when it starts out a little chilly and gets colder as the sun goes down....the best answer I have is "just run!" You'll warm up when you get going.But of course some people get long winded making announcements.But eventually, away we go!Two Spuer Runner Girls, and a Super Runner Dog set out on their run.

Thursday's run was a little warmer. Even running 4 miles, everyone made it back before it got dark!!

The lone Bunny was passed from Ronit to Sandra. Sandra deserves a pat on the back for her ever increasing abilities in her running. Seems every time I run with her she is a little faster.

Jason sports a "Nerdy" Psycho Wyco shirt he earned this last weekend running in Kansas with the Trail Nerds. Jason and Lisa, along with Janeen and Kate from our group, ran in sleet, frozen mud, ice, and other than Lisa falling on her *** 4 times, I think they all had fun. (Still waiting on your Psycho Wyco blog, Lisa!)

A few newcomers to introduce....To begin with, Charles, who ran with us Tuesday. I think Charles finished his run feeling a little frostbit. It was mighty cold and windy!

April (on the left), and her Mom Carol ran with us Thursday night. Was nice to have you! Hope the paparazzi did not scare you off!

From left to right, Angie, Kevin, and Vicky joined us for an evening run. They are part of Team in Training, an organization that besides training, raises money for Leukemia research. They seemed like such a nice group of people that we agreed to have reciprocal water privileges on Saturdays with them!Go Team!

Sometimes, you just gotta go for a run.

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Bobby said...

The daylight is getting longer and the weather is getting nicer. It is nice to see everyone not having to bundle up so much to keep warm.

It won't be long before we will be starting to get out of bed earlier for our long runs. Yippi!.