Saturday, February 28, 2009

16 miles in the bag

This morning's long run was a 16 miler for the marathoners. We met at Veteran's park as usual, but an hour earlier. Rumor has it a few peeps showed up at the old time of 8:00. Pays to read your emails, guys and girls!Still, over 70 runners running with us. Several of our ladies were in Ft Worth running the Cowtown Marathon and half marathon. Two of our girls, Stefani and Kim were running the 50K. WTG!!!

But, we got to run a different course, the Katy Trail to Sand Springs and back. It was a nice change of pace!

I know you will think I am making this up. I am always such a kidder, well....a liar....but this is TRUE! I took this picture of the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, and David James had just passed me. He always wears bright fluorescent yellow and/or orange colors, and the color of his jacket must have over-powered the camera. I took 2 pics, and they were both this way! He told me he wanted a copy of them....almost like he knew there would be something up with them. The 3rd pic I took of the bridge turned out ok.

One of only two bad hills on the course.

There was a little crowd support along the way.

Kathy had set out water in a couple of places, but actually there were several drinking fountains along the way.

Afterwards, some of our group ended up at Ollie's for breakfast. Sorry for the lack of relevant pics, but T Z was just so very focused on his chocolate shake that he forgot to take pictures!


Bobby said...

Nice route for something a little different. Did anyone else like or dislike the route?

Sandra said...

I can't wait to do the long runs to get to eat breakfast. Ollie's is FANTASTIC!!! I also say Kudos to the new route (even though I didn't get to trek out...would have liked it just to see new scenery)..

Anonymous said...

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T Z said...

Thank you for your critique, Anonomous. I am glad you enjoy the blog. Next time I need help with blogging, I will be sure to ask.