Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday Kudos and Mischief

Tuesday was a night for recognition. Lots of our runners returned from weekend journeys of conquering marathons, half marathons, and ultras!Dana went to Texarkana, a town right on the Texas/Arkansas state line. This 13.1 miler crossed the state line several times during the race....a very cool I will HAVE to do in the next year or so. Congrats, Brother!

An entire army of RunnersWorld runners invaded Ft Worth to run the Cowtown marathon/half/ultramarathon.Pictured above are Kim, Linda, Stefanie, and Cheryl. Kim and Stefanie ran their 1st ultra, Linda notched up another marathon, and Cheryl conquered the half. Also representing RunnersWorld were Cassy, Stacy, Lauren, Daryl, Rachel, Terry, Jenni, Leslie, and Jessica.

And as if one 50K were not enough, Kim drove halfway home and then ran another 50K on Sunday....the next day, and this one on a hilly rocky trail course. Crazy? Superstar status? Maybe a little of both!! WOW WOW WOW! What is next???
A couple of extra pics to toss in....Tom poses for the camera....and I have to wonder when he'll bring some more of his home made power bars? YUM!!

And it the paparazzi starting vicious rumors? Or is it just a hoax? You be the judge.


Bobby said...

Nice hardware and shirts guys and gals. Good job. You're not getting addicted to this thing we call running are you?

Candice said...

Kim looks like she stepped right out of the Olympics! And at the rate she's going, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually attempted it...

Way to go everyone!!!