Friday, March 20, 2009

Pull up a chair, refill your coffee cup. It's time to catch up on a few things.

The man on the right, my friend Tom, makes the most amazing home-made protein bars ever. Imaging a Power bar....yes the ones that have been out on the shelves for years, and were best used for teething Labrador Retrievers, and then imagine they tasted YUMMY, and were pleasant to the palate. Tom's bars are all that and more. These are heavenly, with all the nutrients to make you healthy, give you strong bones, and make you run faster and jump higher. I am sure the calorie count and fat content is modest, unless you eat several squares at a time, and then forget to run (which has in fact happened to me.) Plus, you will not dislodge your incisors trying to bite these as they are as soft as fresh fudge. You owe it to yourselves to once in your life to try them. The recipe is posted on the right of this page.

This picture of Tom and his brother Vinny (wasn't that a movie title?) was taken Monday at the Bobby's Bunch run around Zink lake. We have a great time on Mondays, running at a very leisurely pace for 3 or 4.4 miles. Starting next Monday, we will start meeting across the river near the amphitheater (actually where the rowing club barn is) due to parking being a problem on the east side. Please come out to run with us.Susan is raring to go, sporting her Six Hour Snake Run shirt from the upcoming TATUR trail race this Saturday. A shameless plug, I know, and while I would love to encourage you all to come out, the race is now full, all shirts are spoken for, but we could use spectaturs and/or volunteers. Come out and just hang out if you are bored with watching non-stop basketball on Saturday.

Next day, different run.......and on St Patrick's day, you would think GREEN would be the color of the day. Several RunnersWorld runners indeed DID get pinched!But I wouldn't pinch Boomer. He is just too cool!

Who let the MANIACS out? Carmie and Cindy are showing off their shirts from their latest marathon conquest. A very large contingent from RW Tulsa took over Little Rock last Sunday. Congratulations to all who ran! I will make an effort to name names after this post.

While hanging out after Tuesday's run, the Riverpark Patrol dropped by to see what the gathering of people was about. Seeing that we were not boozing it up, or snorting meth (is that how you take meth?) he let us off by merely warning us to not park in the grass. Parking seems to be a problem as our group gets bigger. So, on Tuesdays, we are advised to park along Riverside on the shoulder. It seems it is ok to actually park clear on the grass along the shoulder, but not ok to drive away from the road on the grass. I don't want anyone to get a ticket, or even worst....get cuffed and hauled off to the big house. Poor TZ lucked out since the weight limit on this patrol car would have been exceeded with both men on board.

So on to Thursday, another run, another day with issues about parking. Who'da thunk it? Maybe we should just all RUN to our group runs?These are three businesses around the RunnersWorld store. We have such a nice crowd on Thursday night that we fill the parking lot and leave no room for these business's customers. So, to be courteous, and we do want to be courteous, let's all try to leave these spaces open by parking north at the bank, across the street at Wal-Mart, or around the corner. Good neighbors are a good thing. Let's try to make life happy for them all.

A little back patting is in order for Rock Star Ed, for finishing his 2nd marathon in Little Rock.

And also for Simone, who ran another half marathon there.

Simone has a full marathon in her sights, or at least that is the rumbling I have heard.

Little Rock has always been known for having a BIG metal. I have heard this was the last year for the BIG one, which means maybe next year it will just be a little wimpy thing? I hope not! Yup, that is BIG! WTG Jason! Sorry I cut your head off!

Other sights seen on this Thursday evening....A group hangs out before the run. David is temporarily blinded by his bright tights.

A pretty good sale on mid-pack runners! Such a deal!

Brian gives details of our newish route for the evening run.

Christal is back from the DL, and gets to RUN!!!!

A newcomer, Ashley, joined us. Ashley wants to get back into running after a short absence. I bet we can help her with that! Awesome to have ya out to run with us!!!

In a rare turn of events, the bunny slipper was awarded to a runner who has not ran all that much in the past few weeks. Kim, who was awarded the slipper for her Saturday/Sunday--50K/50K feat passed the torch on to me, TZ. I am honored and elated!


Susan Michaels said...

Way to go TZ for yet another good post. You definately deserve the bunny slipper award. Besides coach Kathy & Brian, you are so helpful to people trying to accomplish their running goals. now if you were just going to Greece to help me make it through my first marathon.

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding. Does this guy even run at all?

coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

Great post. Yay for you and your slippers. Bet they get dirty at the snake run.