Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday run, and the BIG LOSER contest.

First things first. Thursday night seemed to be a little rainy, but we had a good outing anyway. Turns out. just a little sprinkle here and there actually felt good, and we might have picked up the pace a little. That can't be too bad!

One of our runners, Dana, ran his first trail run this past weekend. Dana ran the Grasslands 1/2 marathon, and brought back the hardware to prove it. For someone who once said he had no desire to run on trails, he seemed to have enjoyed it! :=)

The bunny slipper is undercover, on a helping in a possible lead that might shed some light on the fate of the long missing bunny mate. Stay tuned for more details.

As the previous post had mentioned, Thursday night was the opening night for the BIG LOSER contest. 87 people came and signed up for the competition. A $25 entry fee will provide a very nice cash prize for the person losing the biggest percentage of weight. Also, there will be weekly prizes, and possibly a prize for the person losing the most actual weight.

Bobby is joining the ranks of TV superstars!! Not sure when this interview will air. Channel 2 did the spot, and as of midway through the news, it has not yet shown.

Brian, wearing a slimming dark colored shirt, goes through a very thorough explanation of the rules of the contest, leaving no detail undiscussed or under-discussed. We had three scales and the weigh in went fairly quick. Everyone's weight was kept private, although one of the scales had an audio option, where is actually SAID your weight. Brian quickly turned that option off after stepping on the scale and it said "ONE AT A TIME PLEASE!"

This seems like it will be a good contest, and should help people get off the couch and start a new healthy lifestyle.

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Bobby said...

Roman better get more serious about his running. He sure has put on a few extra since the last time I seen him.