Wednesday, April 1, 2009

what has happened and what is to come

You all know the story of the weekend massacre. 20 miles Saturday in rain/sleet/high winds/snow/more snow! And of course of the Sunday run for those who were less than hearty and bailed after five or ten miles the day before. T Z has been behind in blogging, and rumor has it that he is giving up running all together. This post will catch you up on pictures shed some light on things to come.

Saturday before the run. You brave runners!

You're not fooling anyone, Mike. We know your butt is freezing!

The demise of Trail Zombie.

Sunday was a much better day, thanks to....

Brian arrives well fed and ready to run.

Super Trooper Tatur Dave ran 15 miles Saturday in the snow, rain, and sleet, and then ran another 15 on Sunday!

Newcomers (from left to right) Rachael, Michelle, and Tonya are part of the "couch-to-5K program. Glad to have you, ladies!

We ran 5 mile loops, counter-clockwise, then clockwise, etc. It made for a more interesting run since you got to see a lot of faces you normally do not see.

Some other sights along the way....So much for keeping your feet dry!

Amanda has that ornery look about her. Bill is just plain hungry! He was moaning something about needing a cheeseburger.

Hurrying to stay up with the fast girls!

Monday night, Bobby's Bunch met at the new location, on the west side near the rowing club barn for our run around Zink lake. This was the 3rd day in a row for some running this route. But it felt good to have warm weather and to get some more miles in. Left to right, Cheryl, Gabby, and Leanne wait for the rest of the Monday runners to arrive.

Power Bar Tom just found out he may have a stress fracture, but that did not keep him from biking! I think the remedy is MORE PROTEIN BARS, and of course bring some to share!
Dana nears the end of her Monday run. Dana has been battling some PF issues, but is still out there putting in the miles.

An update!! Negotiations are underway for the RECOVERY of the missing bunny slipper. It seems that finally, justice may prevail and we may get our long lost house-shoe back! Stay tuned!!

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Susan Michaels said...

I hope I never have to run in that much rain again. What a miserable time. I guess I am one of the crazies to give it a try.