Thursday, April 23, 2009


Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser TV series would be shouting "LAST CHANCE WORKOUT" tonight, were they here. Tonight was our last run before our races in OKC.

Some are going for their 1st half marathon, which is an awesome accomplishment. 13 miles, running through some of the most beautiful areas in OKC, with hundreds and hundreds of jubilant runners. Savor the moment, you're doing what most of the world will never do.

Several are doing their 1st marathon. You are in elite company. So few people ever run 26.2 miles. It is a legendary distance and you should be forever proud.

And for many, OKC is another notch in their belt. It's funny how running, particularly running marathons gets in your blood. Since running with our group, I have watched so many runners conquer their first, and then another and another. Some are going for 50 states. Some just run for the joy of going the distance. Any reason is a good one, if you ask me.

The bunny slippers tonight went from Jason and Lisa, to Patty. Patty is such an inspiration to so many of our runners, and is gunning hard for a Boston qualifying time at the marathon this weekend.

This evening, we returned to the route that was our every Thursday run....through the neighborhoods to the river, and north to 36th, 31st, or beyond, and then back. It was such a nice change of venue, not that the eastern route was that bad. I actually like them both.Until the QT buildings at 41st are complete and water fountains installed, Kathy will set up a water stop somewhere along the way. With it being nearly 80 degrees and humid, this was a welcome sight!

A peculiar sight on the trail just north of 21st street, this guy could walk faster on these high-tech stilts than I could run. Yes, he was fast. Yes, I was also moving a little slow.

A lot of people are squeamish about trail-running for fear of snakes. Yes, you may see a snake from time to time when you get off road and run on dirt trails.But today, on the way back to RunnersWorld, I took this picture right on the paved trail right by the pedestrian bridge near 31st street. This is a rat snake, non poisonous, and he/she was sunning itself, and probably would have been run over by a bike, had I not helped it off into the grass.

This next series of pictures is not something I normally do. We are missing a runner, who is a great guy and good friend. I know Wade was dealing with some injury problems, but we would love to have him back.

Wade lives in Claremore, and maybe he has found some trails around Blue Star Lake that fits his training schedule. But Wade! Dude! You can't have all the friends there that you have here!



Bobby said...

Don't like the snake picture. Love the Wade pictures, especially the homogenized one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sending the posse out for me. I haven't been lost just unable to run.Very frustrating! Just a few paces and I'm shut down with knee pain.I have been 2 weeks without even attempting a run.I'm planing to try again at the park this weekend.I feel like if i can get up to 1 mile or even 1/2 mile that i will have something to work with.Been in Physical therapy and hoping this weekend shows some improvement even if it is minor. I will be around to see everyone soon and i have missed all of my Runnersworld friends terribly. I will see you soon


Susan Michaels said...

Get better Wade because all of us miss you. Now we know you haven't been kidnapped by aliens or something LOl.

coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

I miss you to Wade. You did awesome in Little Rock. Please join us when you can.