Monday, April 20, 2009

An eating club that runs

Last night several of our gang went to Savastano's to celebrate....umm....well to celebrate the discovery of CHEESE. This was certainly the place to do it, since one of the pizzas brought out had EIGHT (8!) POUNDS of cheese on it....divided into 8 pieces made for ONE LB of cheese per slice. (I ate 2!)Sometimes it seems like we are an EATING CLUB who occasionally goes for a run.Chrissy was back and did her best to get us all caught up with her Lasik surgery and such, and after we ate, went home and posted the most awesome detailed race report from Lake McMurtry.

The pizza was to die for. I may die yet. This was the thin crust....a pizza called "The City Dump." It was much like a Supreme, but better.

The pizza below was the Hancock. It was a Chicago style pizza and was Savastano's signature pie. Spicy Italian sausage with one of cheese per slice. YUM. I ate 2 pieces and went up 4 pounds on the scales.

We sat around and talked for an hour or so after we gorged, talking about upcomming races and the Greece trip. It was mentioned that Roman should go and wear a cowboy hat, with some of his friends wearing Garth Brooks shirts. Roman would be surrounded by crazed fans as he does in fact look a lot like Garth.

It was shortly after, that Garth and his lovely wife Trisha got up from two tables over and met with the owners of he restaurant, autographed the wall, and posed for a picture or two. WOW....not so much that a celebrity was in our midst, but that we were comparing OUR version of Garth, and the real dude turns up in the house. What a perfect photo-op....Garth and Roman....but the ever-fearless Roman would have no part of it. But T Z and Kathy seized the opportunity. Garth was real nice, just a regular guy. I told him about our "look-alike", and Garth laughed and said anyone that knows him would KNOW the difference as he NEVER runs.

Here is Garth just before eating some of the 8 lb pizza.... and here is Garth again, with a full belly.


Jennifer said...

Dang, I'm JEALOUS! 8 pounds of cheese AND Garth???? What a day!

Bobby said...

Hey Garth, would love for you to come out and run with us sometime.
Bring Trish with ya. See what you missed Erin and Deon. I'll definately go back there and eat again. I wouldn't recommend it the day before a long run though.

Susan Michaels said...

I am still full from eating just 1 piece of that big pizza.
I thought it was worth every pound of it. Then seeing Garth was definately dessert.

TATUR Dave said...

Looks like Garth has friends in low places.