Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last Long Run

Saturday's long run, our LAST long run before the big race at OKC, started just like the FIRST Saturday run in this session. It was a little bit cold, and Tatur Dave attempted to explain the route for the day. Nothing to complicated about the course this time though....just go that-a-way for 30 minutes or less or more, and then turn around and come back.This group is all smiles. Next week after their marathon, these guys say they're hanging up their running shoes for a little while and will resume biking. Good call.

Fearless run leader Mike Firepants Stelly gives a dissertation before his group departs.

Stacy and Stefanie take only one short walk break their whole 6 miles, and the paparazzi captures in on film.

Carmen and Sam practice their Chi-Running. I think they need to read chapter two again.

Ruth and Meg find their happy place under the rainbow.

Newcomers Bob and Kevin ran SIX miles on their first outing with us. Hope descending stairs is not too painful for you the next couple of days guys. Please come back to run with us!!

Another new runner starts carbo-loading a week early.

Deon is all snarls after running twice Saturday morning. He ran early with Kim, and then belted out another 5-6 miles. As is often the case, Deon has issues with the camera guy.

Doesn't this look like a
Flip this card over, and it will have Tatur Dave's stats
for 2009:

Batting .390
239 hits
28 HRs
198 RBIs
0 DNFs

And finally, a group picture. Next Group pic will be Next Sunday in OKC!!!


Susan Michaels said...

I think we have the best looking group ever.
I have enjoyed seeing the group grow since I started 2 years ago.

Bobby said...

Go luck all you nuts, myself included. Hope to continue seeing you all around after the marathon.

HappyTrails said...

Good luck to all from Colorado - expecting good results from the Tulsa contingent!

Sandra said...

I'm so bummed I missed the last group training run before the real deal...but am sure you all did wonderful!!! Can't wait to see everyone in OKC...

Struggling Author said...

I really gotta hang out longer. I'm missing all the fun group pics.