Thursday, April 23, 2009


A good crowd gathered on a picture perfect day for our Tuesday run. Some came to run 4, 5, 6 or more miles, some came to walk, and a few came to cross-train, which included several different sets of crunches, push-ups, and weights sandwiched between 1/4 mile runs.

Coach Kathy explains the agenda for the day while Brian applies some lotion to his baby soft hands.

Seems this group is paying attention.

As is Mike's dog.

Terry rests a bit before hitting the trails for 9 or 10 miles. Terry is tapering for her first marathon this Sunday at OKC.

Our newest runner, Nate joined us again. I think Mom is itching to get back on the trails as well.

Mindy (in the green) and Jenny (in the white) ran with us for the first time this evening. Like the enthusiasm!

And then is was time for the workout. I kept waiting for the exercise where we got to play with the elephants, but I guess they forgot about that set.

Mike displays good form in his his 20 reps.

After the workout, we moved onto more important things, like getting acquainted. Roman and Nate talked a little trails running.

Just like his grandma, Aiden always perks up for the camera.

After the run, it was our usual eating club meeting. We invaded Chile's, and as always, they put the smelly runners in the corner.

The question arose, after they brought out Candice's 4 lb salad, would she be able to make a "happy plate?"

There was never a doubt!


Susan Michaels said...

Nate & Aiden are just too cute. Won't be long before they are running with us.

Bobby said...

"Just like his grandma, Nate always perks up for the camera."

That should read "Aiden", not "Nate".

Quite the guys.

Bring out your dumbbells on Tuesday nights and see if you can keep up with Coach Kathy.

Christal Pellerin said...

I should of had a V8!

RunnersWorld-Tulsa said...

Thanks for the correction, Sir Bobby. Fixed it pronto.

Struggling Author said...

ok, so is tuesday night hog-fest a standing invitation?

T Z said... bet it is!!! :p

I am gonna try to sway the masses to go to Bellacino's this next Tuesday. They have pizza and grinders. I stayed away for a long time, fearing my ignorance would be revealed when i asked the dreaded question: What's a grinder?
A grinder is a toasted sandwich, but this one is way super better than Subway, Quiznos, or even the ones my Mama used to make. Pretty reasonable on the prices as well.

Please please join us!!!!