Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Loser Babblings

Amazing that our BIG LOSER contest has resulted in 444 pounds lost in only two weeks. That's a 2 or 3 whole people! It won't hurt near so much when one of us steps on someone's toe! Not that I've ever done that, except when I try to dance.

Why have we all done well? For some, the thought of having spent $25 to join the contest makes them feel as though they have an investment. For me, knowing I have to cough up a buck if I gain a pound is huge motivation for me!

For others, just the camaraderie of walking or running with friends is the added motivation needed. Of course, if I keep eating Tom's awesome protein bars, I may have less than positive results in my own weight loss quest!

Walking the dog helps people get their exercise....
....and it's a sure thing that they'll love it!

Sloan Taylor, our resident registered dietitian spoke Thursday night after our run about sensible dieting, and simple changes we can make to help in our weight loss.Her audience was spellbound, hanging on her every word....except for Roman. Remember, small bites. Of course the part about setting your fork down while you chew was inapplicable for this entree.

Bobby considers eating badly, but remembers he has to weigh in next week.

More next time about the Tuesday Cross Training sessions!


Cassy Russell said...

Yum, Brothers Houligan. Chicken fried steak, cottage fries, green beans, I love all of it!!

Bobby said...

I like gravy.