Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No great literary post here

Just a little catch-up. This past week, we have had a full menu of weather to run in. Last Tuesday, we had berry berry cold. So cold in fact, Roman never ventured out of his jeep.And Candice never woke up from her nap.

Tom brought his brother Vinny to run with us. Just 4 words....Where's my Power bar? Tom makes the most delicious home-made power bars ever. So yummy! HINT HINT!

A friend from the past!! Sonya joined us, and it is so awesome to see her again! I am sure she has a big bull's eye on an upcoming marathon.

And it was freezing! Thursday was even worse. So cold, even T Z skipped the run, so no pictures. :(
Not sure about the bunny slipper saga, but I'll update that next week.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. While the marathon and half marathon faithful were executing their 18/9 miles on the river, around 2000 runners assembled just outside RunnersWorld.If you see 6 dudes wearing kilts and playing bagpipes, it must be the St Patrick's Day Run.

Welcome home Allen! Super Runner Girl Linda hangs out with the other Super Runner Girl's boyfriend.

While Trail Zombie hangs out with a cow.

A. emulates the Statue of Liberty.

B. is getting her limit duck hunting.

C. bringing down the house doing karaoke.

(Actually, she is firing the starting gun for the 5k!)

A trio of RunnersWorld sweethearts just seconds before the starting gun. Ruth went on to run a great race, running the entire way with no walking breaks. Sandra ran a huge PR. Nice job, ladies!

Billy beats a dude with green hair.

Major Congrats to John Sutrick for winning the race with a time of 15:41, bettering his younger brother Jimmy's time by 16 seconds. This was an awesome outing for the brothers, finishing 1st and 2nd. Nice job.

And another pat on the back for Hayley, who finished 1st in her age group and 6th overall. You're just so fast!!!!

Monday with Bobby's Bunch.... warm my camera melted down. In a matter of 2 days, we go from sleet and freezing rain to temps in the upper 70s. Go figure. I'll try to get some more pics up tomorrow.

Oh heck, maybe this was a great literary post.


Sandra said...

I just love all the photo stories...thanks TZ for keeping us all updated on everyone...

Bobby said...

Wacky weather indeed. Running in the sleet Saturday was fun for me but I am glad to see it warming up (just not too hot please).