Thursday, February 12, 2009

A run on a Thursday

You can tell spring is around the corner. Just look at all the bare legs waiting to run. We were treated to a day in the low 60s, just a perfect day to run.Jason stated on Facebook that "he was ready to run." Glad to hear that his nagging injury is well. Seems his fast trail half marathon last weekend did him no harm. Kim, is still planning on running back-to-back 50Ks later this month. Saturday 2-28, she is planning on the Cowtown 50K, followed by the AOK 50K in Atoka the following day. WOW!

Billy, on the right, introduces himself to Tom.

Ed and Brenda compare scars. Gotta give the nod to Brenda. Sorry, Ed.

The bunny slipper was passed from Jana to Ronit. Ronit has steadily improved in her running, and always has such a cheerful attitude. She always takes a great never have to ask her to smile. Congrats Ronit!

Speaking of Facebook, as I was earlier, I read on Mike's wall that he is starting to work on writing a book. It will be a work of fiction. I am excited for him. Hope the words flow, and that nasty writer's-block-monster keeps his arse in the closet.

Tatur Dave goes over some details about Saturday's long run and the following poker run. Bobby, guys paying attention?

Managed to get a couple of pictures on the run. I hit it pretty hard, and ran a little extra long, so I did not snap too many photos along the way.Michael, on the left, runs with Lindy and Sam. Sam and Lindy are fairly new to our group. Twas nice to meet you!

Upon returning to the store, there was still a bit of a crowd hanging around. I heard that a search party was being organized to find me. I am slow, and I ran a couple of extra miles. It is good to know that if I fell down a storm sewer, someone might eventually find me!

Will see everyone Saturday. Lets all have a great long run, and play some cards!!

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