Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Robert Ray

For those of you who have not met Robert Ray, you need to get to know this guy. Robert is on a quest to reshape his life. Robert has been diligent for the past year+ in his diet and exercise, and jumped right into the half marathon training group. Robert has quite a few 5K finishes to his credit,, but succumbed to hypothermia during the Rt 66 Half marathon. Look for him to right that ship at Little Rock in early March!
This picture was from the Polar Bear Plunge, where Robert looked that chance of hypothermia right in the eye, and made it through 3 pools including a dive to the bottom of the last one to retrieve this medal. Crazy? Yes. Impressive? Definitely!

Robert has just started a blog which will document his ups and downs, and his quest in becoming fit, running half and full marathons, and his ultimate quest--finishing an IRONMAN! It's an uphill battle, but anything great goal requires work to get there. Robert's blog is linked on our blog list on the right. Check it out from time to time. You are sure to be inspired.

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