Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another routine Thursday???

It was an odd night at RunnersWorld Thursday. Something was different--it was hard to put your finger on it.A good crowd showed up to run--like most every other weeknight run. Most of the regulars were there. Spirits were high, and a buzz was in the air, but it could have been the uncommonly good weather that is actually more commonplace of late.
I asked Edward what was new. Nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary for him, anyway.
I stepped back and surveyed the room, pouring over what was different. Then it hit me. Everyone was wearing PINK!?!?! WHY???

Then Kathy made the announcement.

RunnersWorld is promoting a new 5K called Run Tulsa Pink to bebefit the Turn Tulsa Pink organization.

Founded by Judi Grove, Turn Tulsa Pink is a focused act of awareness, kindness, and love to women and children who have been affected by any kind of cancer.

This is an awesome cause and is supported by people who have a heartfelt desire to pay it forward with kindness to people who are hurting and in need.

This short video describes the mission statement of these kind and giving people. It is worth a watch.

Watch for details about this upcoming 5k--a fun race for a great cause.

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