Friday, January 13, 2012

That's just Goofy!

A couple of runners strolled into RunnersWorld Thursday night with more hardware draped around their necks than Mr T.Sandra and Pat were sporting full body bling from the Goofy Challenge--running the Disney Half Marathon, and then the Full Marathon the next day. But wait!! There's more!! They also ran the 5K the day before the Half!! That's 42.4 miles of racing in 3 days. Couple that with several other days of frolicking around at Disney World, and they both probably got in 60-70 miles for the week, but who's counting? Running the Half nets a Donald Duck medal. A Mickey Medal goes to the Marathon finishers, and of course the Goofy goes to those "goofy" enough to do both. I especially like the 5K medal--as it was made of rubber!! Very cool!!

Also running the Goofy were Deborah Gulley, Christy Davis, Jeff and Mary Parker. Amanda Gulley ran the Half. I am assuming they all were still riding rides in Orlando, or on the plane home. This is an event that everyone should experience once in a lifetime. Several in our group have made the trip to Orlando, and we're just getting goofier all the time.

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