Saturday, January 28, 2012

RW Run on Saturday

Hordes of RW runners stormed the west banks of the lazy Arkansas Saturday for our long run. Could not have been a better day for it, as we are experiencing an unusually mild winter.Kathy gives out the 300+ runners their marching orders just before we all take off. Some were doing 10, and some 14, and some 5. The loop was much like one of our routes ran earlier, headquartered from across the river. Crossing the pedestrian bridge, we headed north on the Midland Valley Trail.
The paparazzi turned to snap a couple of pictures while jogging backwards--that proved to be a bad idea. After a fall, tumble, and quick pop-up, nothing was harmed but his pride--well, and the dozen goat-head stickers on his leg and butt.
Heading north--two miles down and three to go!!
Robert jogs along at mile three--looking good!! From all I've heard, it was a stellar day for everyone!!

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