Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here and there

Saturday was goodbye. Goodbye for now to narrow sidewalks along Yale Avenue.

Goodbye to missed turns (my fault) that put us on 11th Street.
And goodbye to an old friend--the black locomotive at the fairgrounds. We'll be moving this Saturday to the westside. North of 21st street on Jackson. For the avid road bikers, it's practically where the Wednesday Night Ride meets. For fans of German beer, it's where Octoberfest is. For the skullies, it's where the boathouse is. For everyone else, it's right by where the Race Into the New Year was this year. (And the Polar Bear Plunge.) If you find your way by any of these hints, you'll be close.

Weeknight runs have just been fantastic. We just have not had any super-nasty weather. It's been so nice, we have had to resort to complaining about days in the mid 40s. Heck, even 32° is not htat bad once you get running!! For those so inclined, bring a camera. A good sunset pic is almost a certainty along Riverside Drive.

I had the pleasure of running with Sandra last Monday. She is training for her 2nd half marathon, and has her training dialed in. She can keep a chat going with the best of them too. Get to know her--she's a fun person!!

PS. Hi, Kathy and Troy!!

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