Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday, superb weather, anniversaries , new friends

Weeknight runs are always the same, yet always different. Yes, it's always meet-at-the-store-hang-out-for-a-while-run-for-2-8-miles-come-back-hang-out. But one day, we brave the threat of rain, one day it's the north wind we're at war with, and nights like tonight when treated to the most perfect running weather ever. And there's always something new to celebrate. Today was Tom and Nancy Wosencraft's 32nd wedding anniversary. They shared some champagne with us after the run, and we enjoyed them making us a part of their day.

It seems like almost every week, someone comes back from the past to run with us. It's great to see these friends and more fun to run with them again!! Teresa was a regular back when the group was 50-60 total. She stops by from time to time for an evening run as part of her ongoing marathon training. She always lights the room with her amazing smile. Hope to see you again soon, Teresa.

Each session brings in more and more new people, and some of these will be our future best friends. It's hard to get to know 300 new people, but if each week you introduce yourself to 2-3 people, by the end of the session, you'll know 50 new friends. I ran this evening with Trish (on the left). Tiffany and Elissa joined in at the end of our run for a group pic. Trish has a 5K targeted, while Elissa is tackling a half marathon or the Tulsa Run. Good goals, ladies. I enjoyed our run.

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