Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday in the snow

Here's a few pictures from Saturday morning's run. A large crowd rolled out of bed, dressed warmly, and got their scheduled long runs in. The coldest part of the morning is before the run--can we go yet???The scheduled run through down the neighborhoods, to Tulsa's oldest house, and back on the Katy Trail was scrapped at the last minute due to it being ice covered. We opted for our familiar route up and down the river trails, which had been cleared and was nearly ice free.The paparazzi was near the back of the pack--no surprise there. For the group I was in, a ten miler was on tap. (Ended up being closer to 11 miles.)New shoes!!! Woo Hoo!!!The Arkansas River has been invaded by 100s of pelicans. They are such dorky yet graceful creatures. Watch them long enough, and you'll see one scoop up a fish.A foursome of runners poses for a picture at the bears before heading back to Veteran's Park. Have a great week everyone! Stay warm, run strong.

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