Monday, January 3, 2011

Race Into the New Year--better than ever!

Hundreds of our runners rang in the new year RUNNING! This was the 5th year for Race Into the New Year, put on by our very own Coach Kathy. This race has grown in popu;arity and quality each year, and is a great way for those making resolutions to get the first run of the year under their belt, or a good way to squeeze a few extra miles in for the outgoing year--your pick! Kathy greets runners as they file in and out of the HUGE tent. The tent--large enough to have it's own atmosphere held hundreds of people, and despite sub-freezing outside temps, the body heat warmed the interior nicely.
Robert, ducking inside to warm his piggies, has timing duties this night.
Cheryl is gearing up to get otside for the run. Can't wait to see some of her pics.
RockStar and Kate are already in festive mode.
The band Popular Culture was cooking. Their rendition of Benny and the Jets was better than Sir Elton John's--IMHO.
There was no shortage of goodies to munch on. Good carbs. Or, if your New Years Resolution is to cut back on sweets--BAD CARBS!Mmmmmm. Black Eyed Peas. There were 50 pans of corn bread to go with the New Years Day staple.
Freinds, family........and goobers.

At 11:40, we ambled out of the warmth of the mega-tent and lined up to run.
This man has the most festive hat of the night. The tips lit up. It was a hybrid Christmas/jester hat.
Incognito, Laurie lines up to run. She didn't fool me though--her eyes gave her identity away.
The Michaels family and friends. Miss Katie ran her 1st 5K (I think it was her first) and won her age group. Very cool!!!
At 11:45, the gun was fired, and the masses shuffled down the paved trail on the west bank. The course was an out-and-back crossing the 11th St bridge, which was also a great place to see the spectacular fireworks display promptly at 12:00 midnight. The display, while brief, was a near continous grande finale.

The photographer was slow--near the back, and tried to snap pics of the fast runners. Most did not turn out, but with some creative photo-editing, this capture was brought into focus.
A couple of love birds ran the 5K, dressed in wedding attire, and then tied the knot at 12:30. I did not get their names, but congratulations!
This race is a great family event--a place to celebrate without out worrying about the crazy party animals messing up the evening.The Gulley family all ran the race, and Jessica took home an age group award!!
After the race, Brian and Greg gave out the age group prizes, as well as several door prizes.

May this year be your best ever--running, and in every way.

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Susan Michaels said...

I thought Kathy & Brian did an awesome job putting this together. I had so much fun! The band Popular Culture was awesome!!! and great sports for playing in the cold and not feeling their fingers while they played. If anyone ever gets a chance go listen to them play at places where they are playing at they know how to put on a show.