Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Subject: Christmas and New Year Training Runs

Nothing, albeit NOTHING, shall ever come between Runners World Trainees, especially the Dom-N-8RZ variety, and our highly anticipated, wouldn’t miss it for the world, Saturday morning Training Runs.

Except for the next two weeks, where we will be altering our schedule a bit. You see, once every seven years or so, almost like Roman (semi-tie to original Marathon, in a geographic sort of way) calendar-work, we graciously allow room for a couple of other long standing traditions – Christmas Day and New Year’s Day – to take precedence over our “shouldn’t ever be missed” run training days. And who says Runners can’t share? (not sure anyone ever said that, as I sometimes wonder if there’s anything that Runners won’t share, starting with deepest darkest childhood secrets to co-bonded in sole-runners that we only met 15 minutes earlier, and ending with buddy system drags off partially squeezed gu packs)

Back to the semi-point: Our next two training runs will be held on Sundays – December 26th (8 miles) and January 2nd (10 miles) – the DAY AFTER Christmas and New Years. We will be starting our runs from the Runners World store, near 43rd and Peoria, at 7:45 AM. And while we can never allow ourselves to say it is OK to miss a scheduled training run, let’s just say that over the next two weeks we won’t be keeping lists and the no-show records won’t count against your 2011 Naughty or Nice Boy/Boyette Santa Christmas list tally.
So, if you don’t run, enjoy your families and the Holidays, with commensurate levels of guilt of course. If you do run, do the same and consider yourself doubly blessed ‘cause you get to do all your “stuff” and you get to run as well – sort of a belated Christmas gift. And if you’re extra lucky and have someone who is imagination strapped, there’s a good chance you might just have the opportunity to trot on out and sport some high stylin’ still tagged winter running gear.

Lastly, don’t forget about the Race Into the New Year and the Polar Plunge events scheduled for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Both events promise a lot of fun, with the first one for your enjoyment, and the latter for everyone who watches to get to enjoy even more than the glacial participants.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


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