Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday night update

For those who've joined us for the first time to train for a spring marathon or half, our weeknight runs are on Monday and Thursday nights. They are a great stress reliever after a hectic day at work. You can run off the extra calories in that dessert you didn't really mean to eat at lunch. Most runners run from 3-6 miles at a relaxed pace, although a few crazies go longer. Here's a few pictures of the latest weeknight run.
Our resident celebrity RockStar Ed--always quick to pose for a picture, or sign an autograph-- sports his Race Into the New Year shirt. Ed Ran a quick three, and then joined a group of us for dinner afterward.

A large crowd filtered in at 5:30 and mulled around the store chatting with new friends and old.
We had around a hundred runners tonight. Kudos were given to a few who recently ran half and full marathons. Misty qualifed for Half Fanatic status, running her third half marathon within 90 days.

The group listens to the directions for the nights run. Something has caught Andy's attention. The photographer spun around to see what was going on.
He spun around perhaps a little too fast, and missed half of Brian's face--the half with the swolen black eye. A story was related about "Brian getting whacked by a bungee cord." Hmmm....a slightly unbelievable story.
Later in the evening, the "True Story" was revealed. An reinacted. The moral--don't make Coach Kathy mad!!!

We has a birthday girl--Ananda turned 12 today! Some people never "run thier age in a race. Amanda has eclipsed that already, having finished a recent half marathon.

On this winter solstace, it is dark by 5:30. Reflective clothing is commonplace.
As are headlamps.

Three friends--Susan, Dana, and Sandra finish their run. Dinner plans?? Yup, a crowd of hungry runners invaded Leon's for $5.00 burger night.Dana eats healthy. Bobby--not so much. TZ puts another 5 pounds before he waddled out the door!

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