Saturday, December 18, 2010

Signs, Pix, and Jabs

Twas the kick-off of the spring marathon-half marathon training session. A kazillion runners laced their shoes up and met at Veteran's Park for anywhere from 3 to 8 miles. (Some went further--those with marathons like Disney, or Spingfield in their near future.Marathon training. Why is it always c-c-c-cold, or freakin hot? This morning was the cold session. Gray skies, but fortunately little wind made standing around a bit nippy, but also made for a great run--once we got going.

It was the day new runners and old runners alike got to meet their teems and team leaders. Group signs were-a-plenty.If one defines fast at 6 minute miles, then this group is running 12 minute miles, right?

Odds are, the Half Fast will leave this group behind. (Like the name!!)

I see a trend here. Three teams of realists. No pressure--just run.

Umm--the one holding the sign is 3/4 crazy.

Here's the team to be on--what an angelic bunch.

There is a story behiond this name, I bet.

Rock Star gets my vote for best sign. Make that funniest sign.

I want this sign as a t-shirt!

But Kenyans trump Ethiopians, right?

ARRRR! Gimme ye booty. (As in medals.)

This gets the award for smallest sign. It was affized to the top of the run leaders head for the duration of the run.

An intense looking group.

Brian needs to wake up. Give that man some coffee.

The turtles ride again.

And Dominatrix trumps Kenyans. I think.

Only Michael can pull off wearing da fire pants.

And there off!! Let the training begin!

Pat, aka PP, aka Princess was on fire. Outran his coach, and ran all the uphills.

Water stop #1. Twas a bit of a line.

Running through downtown Tulsa is always a treat. There's hills in there between them buildings.
Some went straight, some went right.

Finally, congratualtions to Lyle, who recently earned SEVEN STARS in Marathon Maniacs.!! He ran 13 marathons in 79 days. And even doing several doubles, got stronger in every race. It can be done!

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