Thursday, December 9, 2010

A New training session is coming up!

As winter slinks in like a stray cat, we as runners embrace the cooler temps. Cold mornings are good reasons for new running clothes. A new training session gives way to new resolve, new goals, new friends, new shoes? Thursday night was the second sign-up for the winter/spring marathon/half marathon training session. Our usual group of weekday(night) runners assembled as we do every Monday and Thursday, at RunnersWorld for a few miles to the Arkansas River and along the river trails.Amanda is an experienced mid-distance runner, having ran the Tulsa Run 15K and a half marathon or two. Her running buddy Mia comes with her on most of her training runs.

Laurie never stopped running after her half at Route 66 last November. She is gearing up for bigger and better runs--like the full 26.2 at OKC maybe?

Brian and Kathy make a few announcements before sending the runners off. Usually, kudos is given to runners who have had recent races and especially if a PR(Personal Record) is involved.RockStar Ed notched a nice PR on his belt, running a 4:32 shattering his previous best time.

Then it was out the door to run. It is not a problem to run the neighborhoods to the river after dark, but many runners like to have lights. Clip-on LED lights, headlamps, of flashlights are not a bad idea at all. We have some who walk, some who run at a very leisurely pace, some who run a minute/walk a minute, some who hit it hard.Patty and Carmie are a couple of the fast girls.
Some go for two miles, some 3, 4, 6, 8? Bobby ran five this night and it was a record time for him. He just keeps getting faster.

Back at the store, people kept filing in to sign up and to have the whole program explained to them.Coach Kathy has a way of making running further than you ever believed possible actually seem fun. SO fun, that Deon (pictured below) can't get his name on the dotted line quick enough. Actually, Deon is no stranger to Marathon running, having a few and a 50K or two under his belt.

Brandon and Jessica are back for their second training session with us.

Jennifer, a new signee, is preparing for the half, and also a quarter at Post Oak this spring. Maybe a little trail running in her future???

Pat had his fill of the RW paparazzi after a couple of attempted photographs. Aww, come on, Princess!

After almost every one of our weeknight runs, a few of us go out to reload. Sometimes, it's %5.00 burgers at Leon's, sometimes it's the Brook, and tonight, it was healthy eating at Jason's Deli.We swap stories, talk of future race plans, and just have fun. Truly, running friends are the best friends ever.

There is another sign-up this next Monday evening at 6:00. The official Training Run is on Saturday Dec. 18 7:45am at Veterans Park.

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