Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fair is in the Deep Fry of the Beholder

When: Saturday, January 29, 2011 7:45 AM-10:30 AM. Central Standard Time
Where: Tulsa County Fairgrounds (21st & Louisville)


While we once again ponder the mileage opportunities for this weekend’s Fairly routed training run, we are mortally bound to pause and reflect, and possibly scorn – just a bit. While it is Fairly true that the Dom-N-8RZ are doubly blessed by being an incohesive blend of Intermediate and Advance staggerers, the concept of “everyone choose what works best for him/himette”, came with a fundamental assumption that this would be a one time declaration. Maybe twice if you caught us in a moment of weekness. And of course also allowing for society’s long practiced equality-plus Fair rights of the financially endowed, more than one declaration assisted with the generous sharing of the green with selected Run Leaders (and by “selected run leaders” we once again are excluding those who aren’t me) is highly not frowned upon.

NOTE To Nosey Regulator Types: “Generous sharing of the green” is not, most definitely, a windy expression for “bribe”, because that could be frowned upon in some bizarre SEC-ish sort of way. Plus, that wouldn’t be Fair. Rather, said sharing would be compensation for professional services that are not entirely unlike looking the other way in a favored nation treatment sort of way, would be an appropriate, but more importantly, Fair interpretation.
Notwithstanding the free market option herein defined, waiting until the weekly mileage targets are posted to “help guide” the selection of advanced or intermediate runner training regimen will henceforth result in an Old Country inspired very unlucky Irish hexing that renders the high mileage avertee with the dreaded double black toenail affliction, and not the gothically cool kind. Sounded Fair to everyone I polled in advance of this helpful warning.

So with drum roll pounding like marathon tempered dogs relentlessly slapping at the asphalt, Saturday’s tattered mileage targets are set at 6 (Int) and 14 (Adv). Which in the eyes of the un-sane Run Leader, never to be confused with the insane type, would illogically lead to a 20 mile solidarity target, although that might not be quite Fair, which seems to somehow be relentlessly nagging us throughout this electrophonic harassment. Choose your poisoned and unmarked path, or bring along some mind altering federal wallet stuffers, and let’s see if we can’t get a run on.
This weekend’s conditions: They should be Fair.
This weekend’s muster Location: It’s gotta be Fair, as in the 21st and Louisville variety, as in the Tulsa County Fairgrounds.
7:45 AM-ish sounds like a Fair time to start.

We’ll keep a fry on for ya’,

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