Friday, July 4, 2008

Twas the day before Firecracker day, and 45-50 runners met at RunnersWorld to go for a trek to the might Arkansas River, and back.

As is always the case, the weekly passing of the bunny slippers went from Linda, to Rachel. The bunnies spent the week with Linda playing golf! Linda sported the slippers whilst riding around in a golf cart, and actually used them as alignment aids for her swing practice. These are resourceful bunnies!! Rachel was accused of being a good friend, and a loyal running partner, and worthy of entertaining the coveted hare-house-shoes for a week. I have no argument with that.

We had one newcomer this week! Nicole joined us, having spent most of her running career running alone.
She also is a rugby player.
I hope she'll find that it's more fun running with a group of friends.
We're glad to have you!

Jennifer had a birthday.
Must have been 28 or 29?
She wouldn't say.

The monthly drawing for the "shirt-alert" went to Stefanie. She was awarded a $30 gift certificate, some nifty tech socks, and a Tulsa Running Club key chain. NOt too bad for wearing a RunnersWorld shirt every now and then!

David joined us after a long absence.
Fresh off some leg surgery, David took his legs out for a test run this evening.
Of course, I had to take a pic of the incision.
Ya knew I would!

Then we were out the door for 3-6 miles.






Above, Candice and Trish wanted to
DRIVE this vehicle back to RunnersWorld, but I talked them out of it.

To the right, Leslie and Ruth show their never too old to play with toys.

Afterwards, we had snacks of cupcakes, Fritos, and 7 layer bean dip at RunnersWorld. I , of course, indulged and then in a real display of irony, stayed for the nutrition clinic put on by Sloan Taylor. Sloan is a very accomplished marathon runner who understands the nutritional needs of runners. Her presentation is better every time I hear it, even though she does pick on me!


Anonymous said...

Sloan justs wants you to eat right ... and it sounds like Ken is doing it! Congratulations on the improvement Ken!

Bobby said...

Thanks again Sloan.