Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday 7/22

In the spotlight Tuesday were CARMIE and CINDY. These ladies just got back from El Scorcho, a 50K in Ft Worth, TX. According to the El Scorcho website, it was "Dark. Steamy. Hot. Sweaty." This was the 1st ultra-marathon for these girls El Scorcho is a 31.1 mile race in which they started at midnight and ran 3.1 mile loops ALL NIGHT LONG, finishing in just a little over 6 hours....6:18 to be exact. The temps were in the upper 70s, but the humidities were sky high, making for an awful heat index. Carmie and Cindy trained together faithfully, getting in ample miles during the week and on Saturday. When they were not running along the river in 90 degree heat, they were power-walking, moving at a pace faster than run pace. They did their homework and aced their test! I hope to post their report and some pictures in the next few days.

Tonight we had 3 newcomers run with us.

Pictured above are Jamie, David, and Jeff at the bottom. We're glad to have you out to run with us!

Then we were off and running. It was a good night to sweat, drink, and sweat some more.

Marvin claims to be #1, while Steve shows a pair of fives.

Ed comes up short with a pair of twos.

Dana, Kathy, Roman, and Patty make up the last group of runners.

Kathy is A. Almost to do a face-plant after tripping on the last plank on the bridge. B. Doing the Village People's "YMCA" dance routine. C. Breathing in the refreshing air that drifts over from across the river.

Bobby, sleuthful detective that he is, found another ransom note from the bunny slipper kidnapper.

It seems that we are finally getting told what the kidnapper's demands are. It also is clear that he/she has awful feet, and a sick appetite. Anchovy flavored Shot Bloks????? YUK!!!


Anonymous said...

That dude at the bottom looks like Jim Belushi!!

simulatedme said...

Hooray for El Scorcho Medals!

susan said...

I didn't even recognize my own husband incognito LOL.