Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tonight there was a troubled feeling in the air. Maybe it was just the extreme humidity, or the freakish rain that showed up in mid-July. Maybe it was the beginning of the doldrums that sometimes torment a marathon training regime....something tonight seemed amiss. Or was it just me?

But tonight, we met at the store just like any other Thursday evening and prepared to run to the river, and then south a mile or whatever, and then back. Maybe I was wrong about my perception of the day. Everything was okay, normal, nothing to worry about. Maybe I needed more Gatorade? I made my usual rounds and snapped a few pre-run pictures. Donna and Simone discuss their Ipod playlists. Simone swears by Josh Groban, while Donna prefers Bon Jovi.

Middle-aged runners on sale! 50% off!

Robin came to run with us tonight and brought Katherine, who was visiting from out-of-town.

The bunny slippers were passed from Rachel to Deon. I was stuffing my face with green grapes and missed the transition. I think Deon was secretly flattered to have the bunnies for the week!

Glenda and mile down, two to go. Looking good, girls!

Upon returning, there were quite a few runners showing up for Sloan Taylor's nutrition clinic. Paula came, and I almost did not recognize her dressed up and not in her running outfit.

Billy looks like a different person too in street clothes. Cool hat, dude!

Then, the bad news hit. The unthinkable happened! Some devious sinister person KIDNAPPED one of the bunny slippers!! A note was left in the box, and one of our beloved bunnies was GONE! The ruthless manipulating kidnappers left a note with instructions of what to do if we ever wanted to see our precious bunny slipper again. (Click on the picture to enlarge it so it can be read)

A couple of Polaroid pictures were left near the scene of the abduction. The left one is obviously the hand that snatched the bunny. I am not sure what the shot on the right is. Maybe it is the person who took our bunny, or maybe it is just a picture thrown in to cloud the case. We are not sure. Deon, holding the one remaining slipper, is devastated by the tragic news.

Apparently clues as to the whereabouts of our bunny slipper will be revealed to us in time for our Tuesday run. Clues will be somewhere on our running routes. We can only hope our bunny slipper is safe, and hope for it's quick return. I will do my best to cooperate with the demands of this criminal and publish his directions to the clues. Upon finding the clues, please please bring them to one of the run leader's attention. Strangely enough, the criminal mastermind has arranged for prizes for discovering these clues. What a twisted mind! This kidnapper needs to be brought to justice as well.


Anonymous said...

If ya ever wanna see that miserable bunny again, ya better listen carefully and find the clues! Tuesday I may plant a clue or two, or maybe not! HAHAHA!!!


Anonymous said...

This is tragic...we must get Mrs. Bunny back...Mr. Bunny is in a state of deep depression, besides he is having to watch their baby ALL by himself. It's time to unite Runner's World Runners, find Mrs. Bunny and bring this kidnapper to justice!!

deon bean said...

Um noooo we are doing just fine here. We went out got some beers and watch nascar race last night and then we are heading out to night trips for a lapp dance or two. Im sure she is just out with the girls spending some cabage the boy has been saving up for that new cage on 61st.