Sunday, July 13, 2008

Poker Run Report/Bunny Slipper Update

Saturday morning was the busiest ever. Our usual weekend long run was 8 miles for the marathoners and 3-8 for everyone else. This morning was also the kick-off for the Tulsa Run Training group. While there are a few RunnersWorld runners who are training specifically for the 15K fall run, there are many many people who look to this training class to get ready for the 15K in the states biggest run. And finally, TATUR was having the annual Poker Run in conjunction with all of this as a fund raiser for the Turkey and TATURs 50K/25K that takes place in September and benefits the Westside YMCA. Let's just call Saturday morning an organizing challenge. And, Brian and Kathy pulled it all off flawlessly. Runners lined up before the sun came up to sign up for the running card game.

Most of the marathon trainees headed out at 6:15 for a quick 3 miles. Tatur Dave explains the day's route.

45 minutes later, over 100 runners were dealt their first card, and then headed out for 5 miles and 4 more cards. 3 cards in hand, runners head back to the finish.

Pictured above: 3 girls and a card shark!

Upon finishing, cards were turned in and sorted in order of ranking hands. It was apparent early on that my pair of fives were not gonna take home much despite my best poker-face. The game was 5 card stud, but I suspect the game of five card swap was the more common play. I can't gripe too much, since I admit to cheating last year. Someone gave me the "Old Maid" card, and I trashed it and swiped another card for a small straight. Hey, I thought the game was "Slap Jack"!

Robin defied all odds and turned in a four-of-a-kind and won the grand prize: a very nice commemorative Tulsa Run platter, and first draw from the table of prizes. She chose a 50 dollar gift certificate from RunnersWorld! Good call.

23 of the top 25 best hands were turned in by women, which obviously PROVES that women are better card players. Therefore, by the time my lowly pair of fives were called, all the running skirts were gone and I had to settle for a Life Is Good pair of pink socks.

Austen and his dad Glenn hang out for a bit after the card game.

Robin tells Charlie. "No, you can't use this plate to make nachos on!"

This just in from the kidnapper(s): To those running on your training run on Tuesday.... I have planted a clue somewhere on your route. Where? You'll just have to find it. Think of a place that reminds you of Petticoat Junction and The Wizard of Oz. If you can see beyond the Tin Man, you may be on the road to finding your slipper. Bring your clue to your coach of run leaders. There will be a reward.

Lest you think this is all fun and games....know that I am capable of diabolical evil. The last time I kidnapped a bunny, the bunny never made it home!


Anonymous said...

Are you people crazy?? Clearly the picture is of Candice munching on that bunnies ear!!!

Candice said...

Not me!!! I don't have braces any more, my hair has never been that dark, and when was the last time any of you saw me wear earrings?!?!?

But that doesn't mean that I WOULDN'T bite the ears off of a defenseless chocolate bunny...

T Z said...

I does look like you. But you are right about the braces. Of course, that could have been before you had the braces off. The kidnapper refer to that incident as in the past.

Lets just say you have to bring chocolate and we'll clear your name!

Candice said...

I think I'm being set-up by a very crafty kidnapper!