Saturday, July 5, 2008

What do you get when you have a smattering of rain the night before, and 74 degree temps with no wind, and eight miles to run? I'd call it a a sweat-fest! Yet on a holiday weekend, our troopers showed up in droves at 6:15 AM to get their training done.

Kathy explains in great detail the route the groups were to run.

Team leader Ron listens to the directions again to make sure he does not get lost!

Then we were off.
I ran with the marathon group who were going 7.8 miles.
Tatur Dave had warned us to go slow as the humidity could take a toll this morning.
He was right.
Everyone had broke a good sweat after just a block!

By the time the sun had come up, we had 3 miles under our belts!
Nice house, but I'd hate to have to mow the grass!

Making it look easy, runners from the advanced group click off the miles!

There goes Carmie... faster than a speeding hydraulic excavator!

Carmie is tuning up for El Scorcho, a 50K ultra marathon in Ft Worth Texas in two weeks.

The goose population is thriving on the west bank of the river.

Watch your step through this section of the trail!!

I ran most of the way with Steady and Eddie. (Bobby and Ed.) We tacked on a couple of tenths to our run to insure it was a full 8 miles.

Ronit, Caroline, Debra, Sue, and Glenda feeling good with only one more mile to go.

Great job, everyone! Rehydrate well, and have a great weekend!

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Bobby said...

Whew it's getting hot. Sweat just pouring off.