Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I've got this to say about the newbies group, and I am sure that Caoch Kathy agrees: You guys rock. I am amazed at how diligent everyone has been in getting thier miles in, come rain or shine. Tuesday it was 92 degrees and humid....welcome to July! Yet everyone was steady and sweaty, knocking out their miles like it was nothing.

Brian huffing and puffing staying up with newcomers Hailey and Glenn.

We had three newcomers Tuesday.

Pictured above are Brian who finally caught Hayley. Hayley runs both track and cross country for Broken Arrow. I was told that BA will be taking their team to Turkey Mountain for some training runs! How cool is that?
To their right is Glenn, who will qualify for Boston in the Route 66 Marathon this November. Having run a couple of 1/2 marathons in the 1:35 range, and needing a 3:15:59 finish to BQ, I think this is doable.
Below is Karen. I did not get to visit with her, but I will catch up with her next time we are out! :-)
Warm evenings, cold drinks, cookies, and friends....could it get any better?

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TATUR Dave said...

That is some wicked sun at the top of the blog. Sorry I missed you guys. I have relatives in town this week, and they took priority. I did get a run in Tuesday at noon and Wednesday at 3 in the afternoon. The trails weren't at all crowded either day. Hopefully I will see you all on Thursday.

Glad to see we have some more speedsters in the group. Maybe Glen would make a good training partner for Andy and Dustin.