Thursday, July 24, 2008

More news

I am not sure if this is a clue, but this photo was mailed to RunnersWorld today along with a small tuft of blue fur that may have been from our bunny slipper. This may be a tip as to where the bunny is, where a clue is, where we'll meet to negotiate, or maybe where yet another clue is. Be on the lookout for this tree.

Turns out this was indeed a clue in the bunny slipper abduction case. The photo was passed around before our run tonight. Some were skeptical, but some studied the photo long and hard. Marvin studied the photo for a few minutes, and then announced it was an x-ray of his knees.

Bobby was awarded a nice Sunmart hat for his keen eye in finding last Tuesday's clue.

Then it was out the door to run. It was hot, but hey....we're getting used to it, right?? Some went six miles, some went three. Some people like me went 4.455 miles. Why?? Just because!

Simone comes breezing back towards the store, having uncovered yet another clue in the bunny slipper case! Good detective work!!Jenni brought her brother Joseph tonight to run with us. We hope you come back!

Carmie and Sonya taking it easy. Carmie seems to have recovered nicely from her El Scorcho run.

Ruth and Jamie hanging out and rehydrating after their run.

Here is what was discovered hidden in the tree with the knots.
It looks like a tree with some buildings in the background. Given the riddle printed on the other side, it seems as though we are to try to find the tree, the building? Hopefully it'll be clear on Saturday. (Clicking on the picture will blow up the size so it can be read. Plus, you'll get a close-up of Simone! ;-) )Thank you again Simone for your help in finding our kidnapped bunny slipper!

New rules for the shirt alert: there will be a drawing ONCE A WEEK. Check with Kathy for more complete details. Be sure to wear your RunnersWorld shirts to have a chance to win some really great prizes. Tonight, Marvin won a $30 gift certificate. That'll buy a whole boatload of GU.

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