Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday Thursday Thursday!

It was warm and toasty....make that warm and swampy for this afternoons run. Nobody had any trouble fact, everybody did a great job of it! 40-50 runners training for races of various distances put in their miles, and later hung around and ate more cupcakes. Nutrition is KING at RunnersWorld! ;-)

We had three newcomers tonight.

Top left is Chad, who is near the top of his age group in most every race he enters. Top left is Nedra, who came with Alisha. Nedra is a personal trainer, and the two of them just flew down the trail tonight. Bottom row is Mike who came for the first time tonight with his wife Tammy.

Special recognition was shown to Allen who leaves Saturday for Iraq to do some under-cover police work.
All I can say is....Allen, get your work done over there, and get yourself back here where you belong.
There's a bunch of friends here who'll miss you.

Then we were out the door and running!

I am worried that this tongue thing is catching on.

Fast women on Riverside!

The remaining bunny slipper was awarded to Jennifer, who earned the honor for just being a good friend, more specifically, in Deon's circle of friends. That's not a bad place to be.

A resourceful Jason uncovered another clue in the missing bunny slipper case. These twisted kidnappers left another wild goose chase of a clue, near this graffiti underneath the I-44 bridge. These were the "spidermen." They printed the clue on the back of a rabbit stew recipe! That is just sick!

(Click on the clue and recipe to enlarge them.) Let's hope there is a break in the case as it seems the kidnapper is getting a little antsy. Stay tuned in for more updates as the emerge.

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Bobby said...

Way to go Jason for finding the clue.

The rabbit stew was tasty.