Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This evening brought out 50 or so runners ready to click off their miles on the river trails. It was warm, but running southward into the south breeze was just like having the A/C on.

We had a few 1st timers. I am sure to botch the names, so please someone correct me.

Top left is Jeff, who is a professional classical musician, playing the viola. To the right is Katherine?? (My memory is 50% so correct me if I got your name wrong. :) )
Next there is Travis. Then there is.... Cindy??? Is that you??? Didn't recognize you with straight hair!! :-Þ

Somewhere out on the course, the bunny slipper kidnappers had left a clue.
Bobby put on his thinking cap, and then laced up his Pearl Izumis extra snug and sprinted to where he just knew the clue was.
He was right, and nabbed the planted tip.
Maybe just maybe we are one step closer to recovering our bunny!
The last clue alluded to the Tin Man, and the tank to the right indeed looks like the head of the Tin Man.
I am not sure what to make of this next demand.
What are these "Spidermen?"
Maybe it will be apparent on the Thursday run.

After sitting in on Candice's interrogation, I am reasonably certain of her innocence in the abduction. All of her alibis checked out.

An anonymous tip has brought Tatur Dave into question as to his possible involvement in the crime. This photo was taken just moments before the abduction.

Also, it has been reported that a rabbit's foot was collected from his running sock drawer, which could serve to indict him in the case.
Check back later for more details.

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