Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That's hot

And it was yesterday!! But did 98 degrees keep 45 RunnersWorld runners from coming out for their Tuesday night run???? No. It only made them stronger.

We had more 1st timers join us for some miles. I am always impressed when people take the first step to being fit. And to start their journey on a hot day like yesterday is even more awesome.

To the left, Jen introduces herself. Larry and Marvin to her left are old-timers, not newcomers.
Next is Julia....glad to have you.

And to the right is Gwen, who was a little camera shy, but the paparazzi manages to sneak a pic.

As always, we did a little warm-up walk around the bears. There was no problem warming up!

Two skinny guys and Brian pound out some fast miles.

Carmie tells Mike how she dusted Ken in the final few yards of tonights run. Deon practices his charm on Simone.

Finally, please do not forget about our kidnapped bunny slipper. I hope this case can be solved really soon. Our task this week is to identify if possible what articles of apparel he/she had borrowed from the store for this photo, and total the retail cost. Supposedly he has arranged for a reward for finding that total. I truly hope they do not carry out their threat to lop off an ear!!

Be cool out there, and see you Thursday!! :-)


TATUR Dave said...

I don't remember seeing that new gal last night. She doesn't look as hot as most of the runners in our group looked.

DEONBEAN said...


Bobby said...

Is Paris Hilton part of our group?