Sunday, January 18, 2009

While our faithful army of runners assembled at the store on Saturday morning, eagerly anticipating some slightly warmer weather for the scheduled 4, 9, or 10 miles........our beloved Coach Kathy was probably sipping her 2nd Mimosa and thinking about what was for breakfast........ while laying on the beach contemplating the scenic 10K run on tap for later that morning. It was part of the Bermuda Triangle Challenge, a one mile run on Friday, a 10K Saturday, and a marathon on Sunday.
But oh well, we'll give her H E Hockeystick Hockeystick when she gets back home! We had a task at hand: our scheduled long run.

In our continuing effort to be NE Oklahoma's most organized training group, runners found their group and run leaders with ease, thanks to the new signs. Pats on the back to the elves who made them. :-)

We love new runners, and RunnersWorld is the best place for new runners to get into shape for running whatever distance they desire.


Top left is Casey, and Tina to the right.

Next is Cecile and Jennifer.

To the left is Eric, and with the neon hat, is David.

Super excited to have you all out to train with us. Let Kathy, Brian, or one of the run leaders know if there is any way we can help you!

Out the door, and away we go!!The plan was to run through the neighborhood to the river path, and then south to 71st Street. At that point, those wanting some hills in their diet crossed the bridge to Turkey Mountain, while those who preferred a flatter terrain, stayed on the river path to the lovely red casino before turning around. Not sure what the totals were, but it seemed to me that most went for to Turkey. Some added the red loop....a little dirt is good for the sole. (yuk yuk) Some instead went down the paved path for a short out-and-back.Jennifer and Ed cruise after conquering the mile long incline across the bridge.

Jason, Kendal, and Michael take it to the house.

Suzanne and Kendal talk shop after the run.

I never ceased to be amazed at all the high-tech clothing available. Here, Larry models some running tights that are best on days that it's just barely cool enough to have the legs covered, but warm enough that you still want to show some skin. I offered to buy these tights for a healthy price, but he declined to sell.

Paula, Michael, Joe, and Greg toss around some training ideas and agendas after the run.

In the mean time, be sure to show Coach Kathy some sympathy as she'll be a little ouchy what with having run 3 races in 3 days, and sun-bathing for 4 days on the beaches of Bermuda!


Bobby said...

Awesome run Saturday and awesome weather. Great turnout.

TATUR Dave said...

For whomever is interested, Roman, with a time of 5:59:06, edged out Kathy at the finish of the marathon by three seconds.

In the 10k, they each finished in a time of 1:11:50.

And in the mile, Kathy lagged Roman by one second. Their times: 8:08 and 8:09