Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Runners bring back bling! :-) We lose Lauren to that state to the east! :-(

Tuesday marked the return of our running guru Kathy. Fresh off qualifying for the Boston marathon, and being ranked for having the 47th best time in a 100 mile race (and T Z is very im- pressed), Kathy reeled off a last place finish in Bermuda, but no doubt won the award for having the most fun along the way. Kathy and Roman completed the Bermuda Challenge, a one mile dash, a 10K, and a 26.2 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively. This netted a considerable haul of hardware!Roman seemed no more the worse for his endeavors. Seems like he can always pull a finish out of his....uhh....pocket. Well, he did sport this "injury", but hey, he could have got that anywhere. Looks like some barb wire action to me. Great job guys! Take me with you next time!

More congratulations were due to Stefanie, who ran the Houston Marathon on Sunday in 4:47:22. This makes 3 marathons in just slightly over 3 months which seems maniacal enough, but Stefanie will ice the cake in a few weeks in Ft Worth when she runs the Cowtown Marathon, and gets her Marathon Maniac status. Must say, cool metal, but that's the coolest ribbon I've ever seen.

The paparazzi thought he spotted a newbie. Janeen is an old-timer, but her friend Kate on the right looked like a new face to me. Either way, it was nice to meet you!

After the run, several of us went to Johnnies to a going away party for Lauren. Lauren has taken a job in Little Rock, which is great since now we all have a place to crash when we do all of the Arkansas races!!!

And on a completely unrelated note, Bobby got new glasses, and we all took turns trying them on. They were so strong, they weirded me out. Brian tried them on, and I thought he looked quite distinguished. Even looked a little like a celebrity...just cannpt quite figure out who.


Bobby said...

"Shazam!", "Gaaw-aawl-ly", "Surprise, surprise, surprise!". That last picture is weird.

deonbean said...

looks like another good place for a RW hang out for sure, pretty good burgers and onion rings.

simulatedme said...

To many medals and the weight is gonna slow em all down. Tough troubles huh.