Thursday, January 1, 2009

This was the 4th year for this 5K, a race that our very own Coach Kathy puts on. The race has grown every year, and soon may be the 2nd largest 5K in Tulsa. How often do you get to start a run and finish it the next year....well once every year if you keep coming back to this one!!

The crowd filters in before the race.

Father Time makes a showing to ring in the new year.

Cute dog.

Cool hat!

Making a mental note to be sure to scarf some of those down after the race.

The devil and the jester. (Topas, should have turned that # upside down.)

A trio of RunnersWorld runners chilling before the race.

Four of a kind trumps the trio.

But having a joker in your hand is always a good thing!

Karla is focused and ready to run.

Recently engaged Kim and Andrew. Awwwww, aren't they cute???

Susan models a designer paper top hat.

Attention!! Beware of a deranged man wearing a polka dot bow-tie!

It's the Three Amigos! Carmie, Cindy, and Teresa!

Candice got Randy out to run with us! (Of course she had to break his arm to do it!)

It was very nice to meet Ronit's Mother, who is just as charming as Ronit is.

Also was cool to meet Sonya's dad again.

Over 700 runners made their way through the starting line. The throng of people stretched on and on. It was such a nice night for a run!

30 runners blew by before anyone stopped for a drink at the turnaround. But after that, the water, Gatorade, and champagne were flowing.

Russell chases Sara around the halfway point.

Roman in a race with a mysterious glove.

After the race, most people hung around, ate pizza, ate black eyed peas and cornbread, drank a little brew, sipped champagne, and ate those delicious looking cupcakes that were GONE by the time I got there!
Good thing we had a big tent, because we had a big crowd after the race!

After nine months of carrying the baby, Sloan gives Steve his turn.

And the whole fam.

Glamor girls Kathy and Patty bask in their post-race glow.

Brian waded through the age group awards, but when the door prizes started, he had everyone's attention!

These girls were desperate for a kiss, judging from the mistletoe attached to their hats. Deon?

A special thanks to Erin for her help in putting on this race.

Poor Brian, has a full belly, and desperately needs some beauty sleep!

Wishing all of you only the very best for this great new year!!!


deonbean said...


Kidney Bean a.k.a. Erin said...

Was this one of the funnest races or what? Thank you everyone for coming out.

Bobby said...

What a great way to start off the new year. Hope to do it every year.
Thanks Kathy.