Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can you say BRRRR?

Can you say BRRRR? still, there were over 100 runners crammed into RunnersWorld this morning.Among the faithful braving the cold to train, Fred gears up for a nine miler.Always the fashion statement, Joe sports an Insport vest that can be seen from space.

There were several newcomers this morning, and while I love to visit with them all, I managed to chat with only a few.Ceretha joined us to begin her training. Great to have you with us!!

Hunt (on the left) and Callum ran with us and knocked out 4 miles like it was nothing.

Nikki was here to join our walking program and walked with Candice.

In a rare appearance, Skeletor made a showing and belted out nine miles.

The groups began filing out of the store at 8:00. First the advanced marathoners, then the beginning marathoners, then the halfers, then the newbies/walkers.

Today's run was through the neighborhoods, and north to Swan Lake, on to Peoria in 19th St, and then back.

University of Florida?!?! Ok ok, rub it in.

Super Troupers!

Special thanks to Tatur Dave for marking the course, and the mile points.

Tatur Dave likes hills, and hills are like medicine....not always what you want, but they're good for you. The nice thing about hills, is that you can cruise once you reach the top.

Hanging out at the local watering hole.

A view of Swan Lake.

Cool thing about this run, was that it went past some amazing houses. Plus, these houses provided a wind break, whereas running on the river path would have been brutal today.

A Kodak moment in Utica Square....Lisa puts a move on Bobby!

Coach Kathy swept the course, checking on her runners. I thought she was offering snacks, but was smacked when I tried to sample a bite.

Have to say, this morning was one of my favorite areas to run. Seeing all the older architecture is awesome. The added hill work was just a bonus!

See you all on the trails!


Susan Michaels said...

hmmm I better keep a closer eye on Bobby & Lisa LOL.. Too funny.
I enjoyed the run which I only had 1 hill to climb instead of several like the longer runners had but I think Dave did good planning the route. I enjoyed helping Ceretha with her walk/run. She is new and hope she will continue coming out. She is very nice and I hope everyone gets a chance to meet her.
Hey Kathy can I have some of that crunch and munch?

Bobby said...

Great running route. Ed likes hills but he missed out this time. Hope you make it back soon Ed. If you don't like the hills (Cheryl), remember you can walk up them. No shame in walking. I do my fair share of walking. However, running the hills will make you stronger.

Christal Pellerin said...

ARGH! I wish that I could have made it. Still nursing this injury. Hopefully I can make it out tomorrow night for a VERY slow run.

coco bean a.k.a. lisa said...

Yes. This was cold but Thursday night's run is gonna be freezing! Running with friends really warms it up tho. Don't worry Susan! My 'flirt' with Bobby has nothing on your 30 years together!