Thursday, January 29, 2009

There's a slurpee in the road!

A day of upper 40s did a great job of melting most of the ice from the roads, and around 30 runners seized the moment and ran a few miles in the neighborhoods in Brookside This Thursday evening.Michael, Stefanie, and Jana await the announcements before the run.

There was not much to announce since it has been pretty tough getting our runs in due to old man winter. But these two ladies were out to conquer on Tuesday in the worst of the arctic surge.Amanda and Melanie ran 3 miles Tuesday at the river while the rest of us warmed ourselves by the fire. Seems to me that is they can run in 6 degree wind chill, and in a snowstorm, they should be able to do ANYTHING!

I thought Tatur Dave might have gotten a sports injury, or maybe had been in a fight for a noble cause. What WAS that mark on his forehead??? Turns out, he stabbed himself with his fingernail while shampooing his hair! Ya just can't make up stuff like that.

Someone named Glen from Norman, Okla
requested more pictures of April. Never one to pass the opportunity to photograph a runner babe, I am happy to oblige. April and her friend Ashley are all smiles before our run!!

It was a wet slushy slurpee run, and a little slippery towards the end. Still, everyone made in back unscathed.

Some sights along the way....Never can tell where Bobby might show up!!!

The color is red, and red is FAST!

Seems like I heard a not too long ago that this particular arrangement of star/moon would not be visible for 80 some-odd years. I don't feel 80 years older???

Have a great weekend everyone, and we'll see ya Saturday. Warmer weather guaranteed!

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Susan Michaels said...

Never fails Bobby is always in the John.